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We supply cut to order solid rigid EPS insulation + our EZ Structural Insulated Panel system.

"NAHB IBS Show Finalist Green Building Product of the Year 2018!"

EZ SIPS is a Wilmington Delaware and Toronto Ontario based company, serving all Canadian provinces as well as the entire United States. Our clients are spread out across North America, many of them even in rural destinations.
You can use EZ SIPS as a form to build your walls!
EZ SIPS are 100% square and routered toa 1/16" tolerance. Just like Insulating Concrete Forms(ICF) are for concrete, EZ SIPS is for wood framed walls: it's a WALL-BUILDING JIG and leave-in-place GREEN INSULATION, rolled into one!
We're finding that it's mostly stick-frame builders who are interested in EZ SIPS. They like the idea of building foam insulation right into the wall as they build. So do I. Let me tell you a bit about the history of EZ SIPS.
Back in the 1990s, I worked with a company that manufactured and sold EPS panels that fit in between studs. Walking down the wall, you would see 'panel, stud, panel, stud, panel...'. Kind of like fiberglass bats, but closed-cell EPS foam instead. It was a good product, but since EPS is rigid, there was the possibility of space between studs and panels...and where there's space, there's airflow.

Please call us at 188-8747-74-88 to discuss how we can help you save money and GREEN UP your project with EZ SIPS.
Please visit structuralinsulatedpanels. com

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