maak plasing gnstling CAN YOU HELP ME PLEASE? - $3000 verskuil hierdie plasing maak sigbaar

Hi how are you? I hope that fine. My name is Erick and my dear wife Lorena. My wife and I at this moment are not so good. She was very sick 2 months back and is not more able to work.I am not able to pay the rent this month. My income is only $1000 monthly and i have no dime in my bank account. Righ now i have only $30 in my pocket! We only have food for maybe 2 days more! If some good hearted people see this ad and want to give we a hand, we will be highly greateful forever. God (Jehovah) bless you forever. You can help we via this paypal link>>> Thank You and Thank you...
  • moet my NIE met ongevraagde dienste of aanbiedinge kontak nie

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